Annual PR Plan

We can help you create an annual activity plan, calendar that will be your/our guide for the year with the aim of catapulting you higher than your competitors.

Content Creation

Still thinking about the right contents to push for your bubbling ideas? Leave that for our experts to create bespoke contents that will not only fill the media space but also generate conversations and feedback.

Press Conference

Trust us to handle press materials, pressmen, camera and production for your vital announcements, product launch, record label launch, reveal party, album release, TV Shows etc.

Crisis Management

We know how long it takes to build a brand and establishing its reputation.Then crisis hits, and overnight, CEOs and their teams are under siege. Our PRO-ACTIVE methodology, applies a series of proven tools throughout the process to help manage reputation in the face of crisis and you will come out unhurt.

Product Launch

In this competitive market place, your first chance to make a first impression should be one of a kind. We’ll help you tell your story, package your product story and give you a single shot with a successful product launch.

Influencer Engagement

We help artists, managers and labels hugely expand their reach where their target audience is paying the most attention: on social media. Through leveraging the influence of power users, those with a highly engaged audience. We then match the appropriate influencer to the music campaign ensuring there is a strong synergy. Usually through a bespoke and tailored strategy via Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and YouTube, you can expect to see highly engaged listeners. We pitch to major influencers to place your track in videos and share it on social media, with the aim to increase fanbase, sales and streams. Having a large database of major influencers with a combined following of over 30 million, we place your music in front of the right people.


We deliver customized and creative online campaigns with a reputation for close consultation with the artist and management at every stage. We work with artists from all stages of their careers, from emerging hype to established acts on major and independent labels across single, EP and full album campaigns. We’re uniquely placed to do this, drawing on our strong relationships with key people across the music media. Our relationship with brands is growing all the time. Content can come in the form of: • Premieres • Features • Q&As • Editorials • Interviews • Fashion Lead Pieces • Opinion Pieces • Sessions • Reviews • Track of the Week/Month •

Media Relations

We know what makes a story — and have forged trusted relationships with those in the media who are most interested in telling those stories. We’ll helps you consistently secure the top-tier placements you covet most.

Social Media

We understand how to leverage the ever-evolving technologies, platforms and channels to help clients from all sectors measurably improve business outcomes. Social Media is becoming one of the most important drivers to success for a modern-day artist, with major labels looking carefully into artists followers and engagement to judge their potential. The objective for social media music marketing is to get people to stop scrolling and to take notice of your music, and to do this you need a specific strategy which has been well implemented. 1710Media has a dedicated social media team who create a bespoke strategy for your campaign, to identify your target audience and utilise unique content and paid advertising to organically grow a loyal audience who will follow you for your entire career.