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What are the fees for Video Distribution?

  • VEVO video submission + Tidal, Amazon Prime, Apple Music & iTunes costs - #10,000. (Requires Existing VEVO Channel)


  • VEVO Channel Creation + 1 Video Upload on VEVO, Tidal, Amazon Prime, Apple Music & iTunes costs - #15,000.


What you need to deliver your video;

  • To deliver your music video you first need to use a program to deliver your music video to us. You can use:, Drop Box, or Google Drive. You will simply need to upload to one of those providers and once that is complete, you can proceed to our video submission form and include the link of your video. Once that is done, you are done!
  • Artist Profile photo (it cannot be a logo or graphic, at least 5000px by 5000px at 72dpi, centered and some space from the edges ) for VEVO Youtube channel creation. See sample here. 
  • Artist Banner Image/Graphic: 2560 x 1440 px is recommended for a new YouTube Vevo channel in this size. See sample here. 

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